Getting started

BAClash is a fast-paced MOBA going straight to the point!

BAClash is a unique MOBA completely built from the ground up for Mobile. Very simple to start with, accessible to anyone, its incredible depth is on par with the best battle arena games available. Choose your mercenaries, fight on three lanes, destroy Towers for the final push to conquer the enemy base. All in one screen. All in five minutes or less. And fighting in Clans with the support of your friends will help you conquer the charts. Whether your were intimidated by MOBAs before or you are an expert looking for a quick fix, this is the game for you. BAClash is a turned based duel with true touch controls. BAClash is MOBA concentrate like nothing you have experienced before.

A blue player's Tower

Your objectives

Your goal is to destroy the opponent's Core. To achieve that, you will first have to take down the different buildings protecting it. Two separate lanes lead to the opposing base and both have two lines of defense. The first one is a Tower, which has to be destroyed to get to the second one: the Gate. Once a Gate is taken down, the opponent's Core becomes vulnerable.

The red player's Core