support - Difficult, Teamplay, Late game, Crowd control


The mind trickster

  • Attack
  • Health
  • Speed
  • Vision
  • Mental Control image Mental Control

    Aether plunges the mercenary for 2 rounds into an illusion, paralyzing him and tricking him into thinking he is an ally. For example, if he is thrown against an enemy building, he will hit it.


    Duration 2 Rounds
    Values -
    Ratio -
  • Binding Shackles image Binding Shackles

    Aether marks an ally for 3 rounds. If she marks another ally, she will create a link between these two allies and herself for 3 rounds that slows crossing enemies by 50 % and deals 40 damage (+50 of her Attack). When Binding shackles is active, if a linked mercenary is killed or mind controlled, he loses his link.


    Duration 3 Rounds
    Values 40 Damages & 50% Slow
    Ratio 50% Attack



Turn an enemy into an ally with Mental control, you can then use him as the third point of your Binding shackles. Teleport a bound ally to your base to extend the shackles and surprise your opponent.